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Amana Through-the-Wall Air Conditioners:

Amana makes a wide variety of household appliances, consumer service products, and HVAC systems. In addition to traditional central air system solutions, Amana also manufactures a diverse inventory of through-the-wall air conditioners. Through-the-wall air conditioners are designed for easy installation, light weight, and to provide targeted air comfort to a specific location. They are an ideal way to cool an area of your home that is not connected to a central air conditioner or for a location that lacks air ducts all together. They’re also a good choice for an exterior garage, medium-sized apartment, hotel room, work shop, covered porch, condominium, or rustic cabin.

To meet different consumer needs, Amana maintains a number of through-the-wall air conditioner product lines like the ACWK, ACA, ACB, ACE, ACEX, and AMA. The best Amana through-the-wall air conditioner for you will vary depending on your exact needs. Some Amana through-the-wall air conditioners, like the Energy Star certified ACB-series meet or exceed US Department of Energy requirements while others, like the larger AHQ, are built to produce a lot of portable cooling power. The AHQ246 is even fitted with a reverse cycle valve to provide seasonal heating as needed. Regardless of the exact Amana model, most of the through-the-wall air conditioners features similar control features and warranty protections.

To learn more about Amana’s numerous through-the-wall air conditioner lines, visit the
Ingram’s Water & Air web site.

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