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Payne Air Conditioners
Payne Heating and Cooling has been in the home HVAC business for decades and in that time they have produced numerous air conditioning systems. Currently, Payne Heating and Cooling produces two main home air conditioners: the PA13NA and the PA16NA. Both can provide adequate cooling power during hot weather and use many of the same components. Both systems are designed to use R410A, a chlorine-free and ozone-safe refrigerant likely to become the industry standard in the near future.

The PA13NA is a 13 SEER rated air conditioner designed for residential home and small business operation. The PA13NA comes with a copper tube/aluminum fin coil to maximize heat transfer, an internal temperature sensitive compressor, brass exterior service valves, panels built to provide easy maintenance access, and a totally enclosed fan motor. The PA13NA’s components are protected by a galvanized steel cabinet built for adverse weather conditions and to last for years.

The PA16NA is a 16 SEER rated air conditioner that shares many of the same parts as the Payne PA13NA. Where the two air conditioners differ is the compressor, an important part of an air cooling system. The PA16NA uses a high efficiency scroll compressor making it a superior performer compared to more traditional compressor designs. This allows the PA16NA to reach a 16 SEER rating and provide more efficient operation during seasonal cooling.

Both Payne air conditioners enjoy similar warranty coverage, up to 10 years limited, and are typically paired with a Payne Indoor Coil engineered to work with Payne air conditioners and heat pumps.

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