Ingram’s Water and Air Equipment – GeoCool Geothermal Heat Pumps

Ingram’s Water and Air from Paducah, KY announces that production of their new GeoCool geothermal heat pumps are in production and will be ready to ship by the end of September.

The decision to use geothermal in your home is perhaps one of the single most important decisions you can make as a homeowner.

The new unit in production now is perhaps the most economical unit of its kind that you can purchase and is available exclusively through GeoCool.

This eco-friendly series geothermal heat pump provides the homeowner with ultimate comfort and performance in one compact – easy to install unit. This unit is built using the latest technologies and with the highest standards and boasts the specific use of R410A a chlorine free and non-depleting refrigerant. The good news to customers is that this unit can provide up to a 70% savings on heating, cooling and hot water, with added hot water heater coil.

Geothermal is becoming a more viable choice to homeowners even with higher installation costs, because of the return on their investment.  When fuel costs having climbed through the roof in the past year – with no apparent end in sight – homeowners are seeking ways to save money and geothermal is one way to do that.

DOE statistics show that the cost of running a geothermal system in a 3,000 square-foot house would be about $700 a year – and its equivalent natural-gas system costing as much as $6,000 a year – which is a more than significant savings for most consumers to consider.

Geothermal technology utilizes the relative constant underground temperature to heat and cool buildings – which amounts to an estimated 70% drop in home energy costs.

There is a catch. A geothermal system costs more to install-however the technology does allow residential users to qualify for a 30% federal tax rebate, which is an important incentive.

Geothermal power is a clean, renewable resource with considerable potential our day-to-day living as it comes straight from the earth – the earth is the biggest solar collector we know.

Ingram’s Water and Air realizes that positive solutions need to be found – and we are doing our part to think outside of the box – and one of those solutions is our GeoCool geothermal compact easy to install unit.

Stay tuned for more ground-breaking energy saving news from Ingram’s water and Air – Paducah, KY.

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