HVAC Rebate Resource Now Available

Paducah, Kentucky – March 30, 2012 – Ingram’s Water and Air announces a new online resource that allows customers to quickly find useful HVAC rebates and incentives.

Every year, the US government, various state agencies and local utility providers create incentive programs to promote adoption of renewable energy systems and resource conservation technologies. Some programs offer low-interest loans or grants while others pay rebates directly to consumers who invest in approved systems.

Unfortunately, a lot of consumers do not realize how many programs they are eligible  for. Too many, as the old saying goes, “leave money on the table.”

To help customers take advantage of renewable energy and conservation promotion programs, Ingram’s Water & Air compiled the State Incentives Resource. Using this utility, consumers can review the most popular programs in their state and find out quickly which initiatives they qualify for.

Incentives vary nationwide. Major programs are lucrative and can allow consumers to save thousands. Small programs award lesser amounts and some may be limited by time or a predefined number of applications.

Ingram’s Water and Air is a family-owned heating and air systems installation and sales company located in Paducah, Kentucky.

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