Geothermal and global warming

Paducah, Kentucky- Could geothermal slow down the threat of global warming? Possibly. The genius that is geothermal takes the natural heat found deep underground and turns that energy into electricity to heat and cool homes. Furthermore, geothermal units produce no on-site emissions and use no chemical byproducts, therefore greatly reducing the risk of gas leaks and carbon monoxide poisoning in your home while protecting the o-zone layer.

According to Renewable Energy, an online blog for engineers, “If we could tap just a fraction of the heat reaching the surface of the earth every year, we could provide all of the heat and power needed to run our society, and avoid the potentially tragic consequences of overusing fossil fuels.”

While reducing those consequences and the possibility of global warming, geothermal units save you money not only on monthly bills but through government funded rebates. Federal incentives alone can cover 30% of the total cost, including equipment and installation, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reports that “Homeowners typically experience an annual savings of 30 to 70% when compared to ordinary systems, and geothermal units will pay for themselves within 4-5 years.”

Ingram’s Water and Air Equipment in Paducah, Kentucky sell, ship, install, and service geothermal units nationwide promoting a green environment and cleaner air, while using energy from the sun to reduce the onslaught of global warming. Visit Ingram’s on the web at or call them toll free at 800-360-1569.


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