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ACW Personal Air Cooler:

The ACW Personal Air Cooler is a versatile personal air conditioner designed to add cooling comfort wherever you need it. This 1,000 BTU unit does not cool a whole room, rather it is meant to be used directly next to you, spot cooling you and your immediate surrounding space.

As warm air is blown out of the back of the unit - and cold air out the front - the unit is only meant as a personal chiller. Use it at home while sleeping or watching TV to save on whole-home cooling costs, use it to boost your personal cooling at the office, or tote it along whenever you are on the go, in boats, campers, or motor homes. What makes this unit so versatile is its ability to be transported easily.

Unlike other portable ACs, this unit requires no venting whatsoever. The 30 pound unit rolls easily from room-to-room with just a changing of the plug.

The ACW Personal Air Cooler also helps to keep humidity in check by dehumidifying up to 30 pints of moisture per day. The "Bucket Full" indicator light with auto-shutoff protects against overflowing.

An electronic control panel is easy to program and provides quick access to features, such as 24-hour timer, fan speed, and humidistat to control humidity level. While running - this unit outputs cool air from the front and warm air out the back - as such, it is not appropriate for cooling a small room - but only appropriate for cooling a person directly in front of the unit.

ACW Series Portable Air Conditioners:

The ACW Portable AC comes in various series and models allowing the styles to meet your preference. The compact design takes up little room in the interior environment, and features an AutoDrain Technology that vaporizes excess fluid build up, eliminating the need to drain the unit.

The ACW Portable AC has integral handle and casters for transporting unit, and long lasting washable filters. Offered in designer colors with remote control, this attractive appliance features outstanding industrial design that blends harmoniously with today's interiors.

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