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Payne Gas Furnace Review
A gas furnace is still an important part of winter heating systems for many homes across the United States. Like many American HVAC manufacturers, Payne Heating and Cooling builds gas furnaces for the domestic marketplace. They have four gas furnace designs in their inventory. The PG8MEA and the PG8M are the two main gas furnace systems while the PG8JEA and PG8J being specifically designed to comply with California’s low NOx requirements.

The PG8MEA is 80% AFUE rated and available to produce heat in a variety of BTU ranges. AFUE is the industry measure of how efficiently a gas furnace or gas boiler burns their fuel. In this case, the PG8MEA can burn either liquid propane or natural gas fuel at 80% efficiency, a better rating than many previous generation gas furnace systems and an energy saver for homeowners still using an outdated furnace. Every PG8MEA is electronically controlled, can be optimized for individual home needs, and uses hot surface ignition. Like many Payne products, the PG8MEA is also available with a 10 year limited warranty.

The PG8M also uses hot surface ignition and other PG8MEA features. The main difference is that the PG8M does not include the programmable blower. It still receives the 10 year limited warranty and 80% AFUE rating. The PG8M is a good option for customers who need a gas furnace, but already have a blower installed in their home HVAC system. 

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