Heat Pump

What causes heat pumps to not produce enough heat?

A heat pump system utilizes a refrigerant filled coil to extract heat from outside air to concentrate as well as circulate it to the indoors. In fact, any kind of problem that affects coils can lead to heat pump malfunction and mostly resulting in the failure of production of enough heat. However, coil issues are not alone the cause for this issue. In fact, a variety of other reasons can also hinder heat pumps from producing enough heat.

The efficient functioning of a heat pump largely depends on outside temperature. For instance, your heat pump may not be able to function properly and produce enough heat when outside temperature is below 28 degrees Fahrenheit. Another prime cause that prevent heat pump from producing enough heat is thermostat issues. This problem also occurs when your emergency heating system is damaged or failed. In this case, make sure that you seek assistance of an experienced technician immediately.

Further, a heat pump may not generate enough heat due to fan as well as electrical issues. Sometimes, a tripped breaker can cause the fan to stop spinning. On the other hand, if the breaker is tripped and fan is not spinning, then you may require the help of a service technician to get your heat pump’s fan repaired or replaced. Above all, human errors may also be causative for heat pump issues.

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