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Trane XB13 Standard Efficiency Heat Pump

For the price conscious consumer, the Trane Company offers the XB13 Standard Efficiency Heat Pump. Like all heat pumps, the XB13 provides year round heating and cooling by transferring heat from one location in the home to another. During the hot summer months the heat pump shifts the heat from indoor to out to keep things cool and in the cold of winter it reverses the cycle to provide warmth.

The XB13 Standard Efficiency Trane Heat Pump is a reasonably priced model that performs more than adequately for most consumer needs. The XB13 achieves a 14.50 Seer rating which exceeds what is required by US government energy-efficiency standards for modern homes. This rating means the XB13 Trane heat pump converts energy to air comfort much more effectively than traditional air conditioners or furnaces. That translates into saved money and a cleaner environment.

The XB13 Trane heat pump also comes standard with all the time-tested and high-quality components common to Trane products. The ClimaTuff Compressor is rugged and can be depended upon for years of operation. The full-side louvered panels and baked-on powder paint offer protection against the elements, UV radiation, and damaging rust. The Spine Fin Outdoor Coil is made of aluminium which resists corrosion and is engineered to act as a critical part of the heat transfer function. The non-corrosive DuraStuff base pan and corrosion-resistant fasteners also help increase unit operating life.

Further, Trane offers a 10-Year Limited Warranty on the ClimaTuff Compressor, guaranteeing it for years of operation. Providing further coverage, a 5-Year Limited Warranty applies to the outdoor coil and the internal functional parts.

The XB13 is a good basic heat pump choice for the price conscious consumer who wants to decrease their overall energy consumption while not expending a great deal of money on the initial unit purchase.

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