Heat Pump

Tips to Clean Heat Pump Coils

Nowadays, most of the people count on heat pumps for year-round indoor comfort. A heat pump utilizes refrigerant to heat an evaporator coil placed within the unit. When your heat pump is in heating mode, its external unit adopts a reversing valve to reverse the refrigerant flow’s movement, thereby forcing the refrigerant to enter the inside coil first instead of condensing it outside. Eventually, the blower motor will force the air across the heated inside coil into the ducts, which in turn circulate warm air throughout the building. However, the whole process will be affected, if your heat pump’s inside coil is filled with debris or pollutants. Hence, it is important to keep them clean to ensure its efficient functioning. Discussed below is a step by step instruction on how to clean heat pump coils.

  • Before starting to clean, switch off the power to the unit.
  • Use right sized screw drive to unscrew the unit’s access panel. Once you gain access to the inside of the unit, carefully clean the coils and blades using soft brush to remove all kind of contaminants as well as debris. If the coil contains large deposits of debris, you can use vacuum with soft bristle brush for cleaning purposes.
  • After removing the dirt and debris, spray a solution consisting of water and detergent on the coils to clean its soiled surface. For best results, you can also use an aerosol air conditioning coil cleaner.
  • Rinse it with a hose.

In addition, it is important to replace your heating pump’s filter every month in order to ensure the perfect functioning of heat pumps.

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