Heat Pump

Heat Pumps: Packaged or Split System?

Things to Consider When Buying a Heat PumpThe dual heating and cooling ability of modern air-source heat pumps has made them very popular with consumers across the country. The flexibility allows homeowners to simplify their HVAC systems and the energy efficiency these machines offer deliver real savings. If you are interested in investing in an air-source heat pump, then you probably have a lot of questions about which is right for you. There are many energy efficient heat pumps on the market with lots of different abilities. One of the main questions is: Packaged or Split System?

A packaged heat pump is exactly what the name sounds like: all the important components housed in a single package. Chances are you’ve seen this kind of design before with a traditional packaged air conditioner. These units are encased in a protective cabinet and mounted on rooftops or outside the home. Ventilation ducts connect them to the house, but all the real work is done outside. The home’s insulation provides a natural sound barrier and the cabinet itself protects the packaged heat pump against inclement weather. They’re a common choice and a good one for many households.

A split system heat pump is divided between interior and exterior units. These units are then connected by refrigerant tubes and electrical wiring. A split system will have all the same components as a packaged unit, but the condenser coil and compressor are typically placed in the exterior section with the evaporator coil mounted somewhere inside the home. A split system can be the right choice if you need to cool an area not connected to the rest of the ventilation system or have a small apartment that lacks extensive ductwork.

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