Heat Pump

Different Types of Heat Pumps

Different_Heat_PumpsHeat pumps have now been widely used as an economic and efficient choice to heat and cool your home. In other words, a heat pump serves as both central air-conditioning and central heating system of your home. Do you want to own a heat pump for your building but confused about the right selection of a heat pump?  Well, here is an overview of different types of heat pumps that may be helpful for making the right selection.

Perhaps the most common among the different types of heat pumps is air-to-air electric heat pumps, which are further categorized into packaged heat pumps and split-system heat pumps. A packaged heat pump is a self contained unit and consists of a compressor and heat exchangers. Further, it is attached to the duct work to warm as well as cool your entire building. In the case of split system heat pump system, it enables for more options with an outside condenser and indoor air handler. For instance, there is a type of split system heat pump that not only heat and cool your building but also heats water.

Another popular type of heat pump is a water-to-air heat pump, or more commonly known as geothermal heat pump, whose functioning is like air source heat pumps but with the exception that it uses water or ground to extract and dissipate heat. Due to its amazing features such as durability, convenience, safety, and energy savings a geothermal heat pump is increasingly used for heating and cooling purposes.

Different types of heat pumps also include dual fuel heat pump that contains both an electric heat pump and a gas furnace. A dual fuel heat pump is most suitable in areas where temperatures are often below freezing during winter.

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