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Carrier Performance Series Heat Pumps Review


All of the Carrier heat pumps have been designed in such a way to provide efficient heating and cooling system for your home. In fact, there is no exception when it comes to Carrier’s Performance series heat pumps. Among the factors that set apart the Carrier’s Performance series heat pumps are efficiency, durability, cost effectiveness, and reliability. Further, it offers 10 year limited warranty on compressor as well as five year limited warranty on the entire unit.

The Carrier Performance series heat pumps consist of scroll compressor, as a result of which the device will be consuming minimal energy. The outcome is tremendous savings on energy bills. These heat pumps also ensure quieter operation, with its exclusive Silencer System that is complete with components like silencer top, integrated fan motor and blade design, compressor vibration isolator plate, sound hood, silencer muffler, and split post compressor grommets.

Another key feature of heat pumps in the Performance series is that it comes filled with environmentally safe Puron refrigerant, which in turn reduces the chances for the damage of ozone layer. Additionally, since it has a copper tube / aluminum fin coil, it not only ensures maximum cooling effect but also serves as a shield to protect the device from any kind of corrosion or rust. High-pressure and loss-of-charge switches add to its high performance.

One of the specialties of Performance series heat pumps is that it is fitted with a filter drier that has capability to remove all kinds of contaminants from your heat pump. Its features like WeatherArmor III protection package that is inclusive of three design elements also deserve a special note. Apart from these, the Carrier’s Performance series heat pumps offer SEER rating up to 15.0 and HSPF up to 8.5. Above all, Carrier Performance heat pumps meet all criteria set by the Energy Star rating system.

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