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Carrier Comfort Series Central Air Conditioner

At the dawn of the 20th Century, a man named Willis Carrier invented modern air conditioning. Today, the corporation bearing his name still markets air conditioners and other air comfort products to American and international markets. The Carrier name has become nearly synonymous with air conditioners, which is just as well since they offer a wide variety of models and types. The Comfort Series is one such offering and the second-tier of air conditioners in the Carrier arsenal.

The Comfort Series is a step above the basic line of Carrier air conditioners and designed to leverage as many energy-efficiency technologies as are available to provide a 17 SEER rating without breaking the budget. A SEER rating is a measure of an air conditioner’s energy-efficiency and a 17 is a very effective rating, much more efficient than the models of yesteryear. Meaning, that if you haven’t upgraded your residential air conditioner in a decade or two, then a 17 SEER model from the Comfort Series will almost certainly cut your energy consumption and electricity costs.

Carrier has also built the Comfort Series to the exacting standards of quality consumers have come to expect over the past decades of service. The Comfort Series is covered by a 10-Year Limited Warranty which will provide protection should anything catastrophic occur. The warranty will cover you if something goes wrong with the two-stage scroll compressor, galvanized steel construction, baked-on powder paint, steel louver coil guard, or other internal functional part.

If you want to maximize your energy-efficiency, but still can’t afford the very best the industry has to offer, the Comfort Series might be the right air conditioner for you. It’s 17 SEER rating equals good energy efficiency and the Comfort Series are reasonably priced. They could be a good pick if you’re upgrading from an outdated system or looking for a unit to outfit your new home.

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