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Bryant Legacy Packaged 13 SEER Heat Pump

There are few things more satisfying than knowing you are doing the right thing while saving yourself a whole lot of cash at the same time. If you upgrade your home heating and cooling system with a Bryant Legacy Packaged 13 SEER Heat Pump, you can get that feeling again and again. Not only is a heat pump’s energy efficiency good for the natural environment, but the cost savings you’ll hit while keeping the same level of heating and cooling is very good for your financial environment.

The Legacy 13 SEER packaged heat pump surpasses traditional heating and cooling systems by using the principles of refrigeration to heat and cool an area. Since a heat pump is only shifting the heat from one location to another it has less work to do than a regular air conditioner or furnace. This means the heat pump will require less energy than similar models which means you get heating in winter and cooling in summer and use less energy year round.

The Legacy Packaged Heat Pump is equipped with a single-stage scroll compressor, as quiet as 72 decibels, uses Puron refrigerant, is built of heavy duty steel and will work with the standard thermostat you probably already have in your home. The system is built to last and Bryant covers it with a 10-Year Limited Warrant on most parts.

Best of all about this heat pump is the price tag. This is one of Bryant’s lowest priced models, putting it well within range of almost anyone who owns their own home. Given the cost savings most households will see in the first 5-10 years, you may actually lose money in the long run if you don’t install a heat pump. So, do some serious thinking about your home air comfort unit and find out if upgrading to a Legacy Packaged Heat Pump wouldn’t be the best thing you’ve done in a long while.

    2 Responses to Bryant Legacy Packaged 13 SEER Heat Pump

    1. colleen ruch says:

      I just had a new ECM motor replaced on my legacy heat pump.It was installed 9/25/2010.I live in Florida and had only used it for 8 months.Do you have a recall on this motor?Thanks

      • Tyler says:

        There is not any factory recall that we are of aware of at this time. If you would like some assistance finding a replacement motor, feel free to give us a call at (800)360-1569. Thanks.

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