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Amana ASZ14 Heat Pump Review


If you are looking for an energy efficient heat pump to provide year-round indoor comfort to your home, then Amana’s ASZ14 is a perfect option. This heat pump is also an excellent choice if you want to replace your existing energy consuming heating and cooling system with an outstanding, yet cost effective, heat pump. Thanks to its outstanding features in the form of SEER rating of up to 14.0, high efficiency heating up to 9.0 HSPF, chlorine free R-410 refrigerant, Copeland scroll compressor, and factory installed bi-flow filter dryer. Let us discuss in detail some of its unique features.

One of its significant features is Copeland scroll compressor, which specialty is that it comes with overload protection. This compressor works in accordance with the high efficient condensing coil, which at the same time is protected with corrugated aluminum fins as well as refrigeration grade copper tubing. When it comes to its R-410A refrigerant, it does not contain chlorine and hence is safe and environmental-friendly. Its features such as:

  • High density foam compressor sound cover,
  • Two-speed condenser fan motor, and
  • Wire fan discharge grill

also deserve a special note, as all of them together promote for quieter performance of the heat pump.

This heat pump manufactured by Amana is also complete with ComfortAlert Diagnostics, which not only monitor data to troubleshoot system related issues but also communicates it to the contractor via a LED indicator. Best of all, Amana ASZ14 heat pump is backed by excellent warranty options, i.e. lifetime compressor limited warranty for as long as you own your home and ten year limited warranty on all functional parts.

To increase its performance, it is recommended to use Amana’s ASZ14 heat pump, along with Amana’s other equipments such as air handler or gas furnace.

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