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A Brief History of McQuay International

A subsidiary of Daikin Group, McQuay International traces a history back to 1872 and steam engine manufacturing, but the current HVAC focus of the company didn’t come about until 1932 when they began utilizing hermetic compressors for air conditioners. McQuay incorporated a year later in 1933 and gained initial traction in the market with its hermetic compressors and the first classroom unit ventilator. They would continue to make a name for themselves in the very young cooling industry until 1941.

After the Imperial Navy attack on Pearl Harbor, McQuay, like virtually every other American industry, converted from its regular commercial business to producing material for the war. World War 2 and the massive expenditure of US government capital to fuel the war effort revitalized the US economy. Like many others, McQuay benefited by being able to expand facilities for war material production and take in hard currency after the Depression years.

The return of peace in the late ‘40s and the ‘50s were years of success for McQuay. They turned back to their cooling business and grew. By the 1960’s, McQuay had refashioned itself in an international HVAC producer. The company sold product in the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. McQuay would continue to expand its operations, merge with other similar businesses, and add more products to its continually growing line.

In 1992, McQuay had become such a power in the HVAC industry that the business caught the attention of  Daikin Industries based in Osaka, Japan. Daikin already had its own very successful air conditioning business and saw McQuay as a valuable asset to add to the company books. Daikin made the purchase. and today McQuay International is still a part of the Japan-based company. Together, they form the second largest air conditioner provider in the world.

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