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Customer Testimonials

Testimonial by Jim A
Thanks for your  follow through. My new unit arrived this week and all is well.
Ingram's does live up to it's word and standards. God Bless and good luck with your future sales and endevors.
Testimonial by Don B.
Could not be happier. Our new room addition is great with the .1.5 ton Split heat pump in place. It was my first time ever working with A/C. Your support was great. It was much easier than I thought. I had a professional come and do the soldering of the main lines on both the air handler and  outside compressor and releasing the Freeon into the system.Other than that I did the rest with your excellent help and guidance. I would recommend you to anyone who wants to do it themselves.  Thank you.
Testimonial by David W

I purchased a Hvac Direct Furnace last fall from you.  I was so impressed with everybody that I came into contact with, in this company.  From the moment I placed my order I knew I was in good hands.  After receiving the unit I had questions and with one phone call all questions were answered.  I am so satisfied with Ingram's that I am now back on the website preparing to purchase the airconditioner for my business now.  Thanks for the great service, and I am looking forward to dealing with you on this next project.

Testimonial by Keith B.

Excellent customer service -- continuous throughout and after receiving the product. The Hvac Direct heat pump package unit I purchased is fantastic; and the quality is excellent. My experience with Ingram's Water & Air Equipment was incredible, from placing my order to receiving it; it couldn't have been simpler.

Thank you again,

Testimonial by David S.
I just wanted to say thank you for all of your help purchasing my new furnace. we finally have it installed and it works great, thanks to all at ingrams water and air.

Thanks again,
Testimonial by Norm
This news definitely eases my mind...thank you. The unit arrived in excellent condition and I was very pleased by the customer service I received. Thanks again.
Testimonial by Gerald L.
I just thought  I would drop you a short note telling you That your prompt and fast service is excellent. Thanks to you I now have a new Furnace installed.
Thank again
Testimonial by Aron M.
I ordered a 1.5 ton split system heat pump from you back in July and have been waiting for my renovations to get to a point where I could finalize the installation.  That day came yesterday!!!  I installed the entire system myself with only minor complications (mostly related to my inexperience).  I had a contractor come in and make the final line connections and now I have heat!!!  And not a day too soon either since the temperature is expected to hit the single digits this weekend so the system should get a good test.

I'm suprised by how quiet the system is.  I've been very careful to insulate the closet walls around the blower unit knowing that my son's room will be just on the other side but now that it's running, I see that I didn't really have to go to such pains.  The system is barely audible outside of the normal "wind" noise.

I just wanted to say thank you for saving me so much money and the hassle of dealing with contractors.  Several local companies bid the project at around $4,000 but, by doing it myself, I saved almost $2,500!!!  NICE!!!

This system is installed upstairs and we plan to start renovating the downstairs in the Spring.  You can rest assured that I'll be ordering another system from you when the time comes so I can finally get rid of our hot water heat system and all those bulky radiators.

Thanks again,
Testimonial by Richard
I have the Heat Pump hooked up and working it has been down to 28*and works just fine.  The heat is not as hot as it is at 40* but that is to be expected.  The contractor that finished the hook up was really impressed at how quite it was and is thinking about getting one.   I want to thank you for all your help in helping me get this unit.  I will highly recommend your company to people that want a Heat Pump.
Testimonial by Homer P

You all are good people to deal with,thanks for all your help. Good price and good equipment. I recived the Hvac Direct heat pump and air handler in good shape and have installed it. It is working great.

Thanks again

Testimonial by Tim M
I just want to thank you for your good service.  I have finished installing my new heat pump and everything went great. You answered all of my questions the shipment came when you said it would. The thermostat was missing from the shipment and you sent one right out. Thank you for being a customer friendly company.
Testimonial by Don C
You recently called to find out if I was satisfied with my purchase, yes very much so.  The heat pumps are in service and seem to work well.  I found your staff very helpful and willing to accommodate,  I will definitely use you in the future if I have needs and will also recommend you if the opportunity arises. 

Thank you.
Testimonial by Bill B
You guys sold me a packaged heat pump/AC system this spring. You've followed up by phone twice, but we haven't talked. I just wanted to say how thankful I am for you guys! The unit arrived exactly as promised, and not a minute late! The unit went in exactly as planned. It is quiet,cools perfectly, and I couldn't be happier!

Testimonial by Gary J
My heater works great!  Thanks
Testimonial by Beverly P
Thank you - it is now installed and the LOVE IT!  And.............the neighbor wants one now!   So I will give her your information.
Testimonial by Jamie S
Hi folks, just wanted to let you know that the furnace arrived safe and sound, no damage to the packaging. I won't be able to hook it up until next month when the contractor can come.

Thanks for your quick delivery - it came on the day you said it would, that's rare these days. Most online companies don't give a rat's *** after the charge is made, it's refreshing to deal with people who mean what they say.
Testimonial by Bill B
You and your team are the best!  It is always my pleasure to work with you all.  Thanks a million for your help with my most recent order.  Both heat pumps are purring perfectly … at last !
Testimonial by Jim C
Thanks guys,

We were at 18 degrees (probably below 10 with wind chill) this morning and with a little help from my pellet stove the new McQuay system was keeping the house at 72.
Testimonial by Leslie and Jerry C





Testimonial by Jeff D
I got the unit today, Friday, the day after I ordered it.  Wow, very fast shipping.  Unit looks good.  We'll be installed tomorrow hopefully. 

Testimonial by JD from Georgetown TX
The system works great! it's quiet too and I love the way it's starts up and shuts down gradually.
I turned OFF the 2-ton system in the 700SF great room, ran the ceiling fan and opened the two french doors connect to the main house.
Also turned off the 1.5 ton system upstairs, opened all the doors and turned the HVAC fan from auto to on.
Temps in both locations were 76-77 degrees and the main thermostat for the new system read 75 and I set to 72.
It took two hours to bring it down 3 degrees and now in the great room it reads 74 and upstairs 73! The upstairs number is hard to believe, but today is a cloudy, rain day and not hot outside.
This 3.5 ton system is cooling all 3300 SF by itself. On hot days we can run the other systems and the heat pump should have no problem during central TX winters again handling the whole house.
Thanks for all your help on this system -
Your customer service was excellent throughout the process, from the purchase decision to filing the UPS claim and the wiring diagrams.  
BTW, the AC guy spent 10-15 minutes trying to find something wrong with my wiring.
Thanks again. JD
Testimonial by Kevin
Kevin F. from Lake Ozark, MO.
I recently purchased a heat pump from your business and wanted to let you know that the unit is installed and working well. I appreciate your assistance in the endevor and feel that your company offers a great product with excellent service. I have passed your name around to my friends and plan on doing so in the future. I just wanted to say thank you for offering great service.

 Thank you,

 Kevin J. F
 Lake Ozark, Mo
Testimonial by Wissel D. from Ohio

Wissel D. from Lebanon, Ohio wrote: Your delivery was JUST as you promised! Very good service! I expected this to be really heavy but it was shipped on one pallet in two pieces. With a good hand-truck I was able to split-off and maneuver the pieces myself with no help. I dropped the condenser on the pad, and hooked it up minus the line set. I tore out the old air handler and dropped the new one in about the right location. I contacted an HVAC guy I know who works for a big company and asked him if he wanted some green on the side. Sure he said! I went inside and with an HVAC guy we did some creative duct work. Then we ran the line set. He pulled a vacuum on same to check for leaks, charged her up and bingo…instant cold. I gave the HVAC guy about $500 cash for coming out right away and he was so happy he bought a round of beer at the pub. All told I got under $3K in this…which is MUCH better than the $6K to $7K these guys nickel and dime a bill up too. This Hvac Direct rocks !! I told my wife, “Honey…you don’t need an excuse anymore. You really will be frigid.” D. Wissel, Lebanon, Ohio

Testimonial by Charles S.
Charles S. from Signal Mtn., TN wrote:
Thank you for the fast delivery and the professional manner that you handled the transaction.  The installation went smoothly, the equipment was as expected, and I will return.
Testimonial by Maxine J.
Maxine J. from Havana, AR wrote:
I was a little leary of buying a heat pump over the internet.  I bought one from ingrams , one of the reasons was they are a member of the better business bureau. They also spent as much time as I wanted on the phone answering questions, they are very knowledgable.   When I spoke to them on the phone, you could tell this is a family business.  Everything went as promised.  I was treated as a valued customer ,and when the deal was done I had some money coming back to me, it was sent immediately.  You can buy with confidence, and I saved about $2000.00.  It is nice to get a really good deal with great service.  I would recommend them to ANYONE.  Thanks Ingrams very much and God Bless.
Testimonial by Mr. Stanhope

Mr. Stanhope from Swanton, VT wrote:

I just wanted to say thank you for all of your help purchasing my new furnace. we finally have it installed and it works great, thanks to all at ingrams water and air. Thanks again, David S. Swanton, VT

Testimonial by Dave R.

Dave R. from Lynchburg, VA wrote:

For anyone leary about internet purchases your in good hands with Ingram. Fast Shipping , Great prices , great product and above all great customer service. I've recently installed your Hvac Direct 3.5 ton split system and it  was painless.. The unit is amazingly quiet. I'll definatly be purchasing from you in the next couple of weeks to replace my other unit..

Testimonial by Richard P.

Thank you for a wonderful, cost effective solution to our poor-tasting water. I bought the PWC-2000R a year ago and have been so pleased with the water quality. The filters are lasting as advertised. I was paying over $18 a week for water and had to carry 5 gallons up a flight of stairs. The PWC-2000R paid for itself in less than 6 months.
Everybody in my town should use this system.

Thanks very much;
Dr. Richard P.
Emerald Isle, NC

Testimonial by Phil
Thank you again, further noting that I really appreciate you & your associates attention to detail & quality of service...  Still looking forward to our long-term business relationship...
Testimonial by Melvin R.

 I just want to thank you for your great service. I am pleased with my Hvac Direct heatpump. Everyone there was very helpful and I say thank you very much!!!

Testimonial by Russell M.
Just wanted to confirm shipment received. Very fast shipping and the carrier did a great job of handling with care!! I'll be intouch after installation. Thanks again, Russell M.
Testimonial by Mr. Mace

Mr. Mace from St. Joseph Mo wrote:

I received a furnace and condensing unit from your company. I was crunched for time and your company got my equipment to me promptly. I look forward to doing business with you soon.

Testimonial by Mr. Eric
Units are working great and appears to have cut my utility bill by about 25% plus keeping house warmer.  In hind site w/ the 95% rating I could have down sized the units by 20%.  But they sure heat the house and business fast, makes the wife happy.  Also got rebate  checks totaling $500 from local utility.  So  looking at a  3 year payback (did all labor myself). 
Thanks again,
Testimonial by Mr. Smith
I recently purchased a Hvac Direct 4 ton unit from Ingrams supply. Then I picked up my unit from Ingrams It works great!!!! Thanks to the people in both locations, my hvac issue's are resolved. Everyone was very proffessional and caring about all my needs. Since I just had my 10th surgery I was not albe to do any lifting. The crew at Ingrams supply did all the lifting and could not have been any better to me. I feel very "BLESSED" to have purchased the unit at a good price with such a friendly and helpful staff. Buy the way, my installer was able to connect up the unit without any problems.
Thank you very much.
Testimonial by John S.

John S. wrote:

5 star help before and "AFTER" the sale" Pleasure to do business with professional people that knew everything you need to know about the unit I purchased. My unit was easy to install and works great! I am blessed to have do my hvac issue's completly resolved by a professional staff. Thanks to you that I now have "HEAT." I also ran the unit on cool and it works well also. Also Thanks to all the Veterans who are serving and have served in our arm forces.
God Bless
Testimonial by Mr. Rondeau

Mr. Rondeau from North Olmsted OH wrote:

I was a little weary of making a purchase this big over the internet....but eveyone there made it a great experience....After instalation i neded one part to be replaced, when i called they didn\'t need anything they had shipped me the part asap... These people were there through the whole installation process... Thanks and keep up the good work.

Testimonial by Ed

Just wanted to let you know that the filter rack worked perfectly. My geothermal system is heating my house and the temperature last night was below 0 degrees. My house is over 3000 sq ft.and compared with oil I save at least $450 even though my electric bill for the month of December was $150 over what I paid last year,  and it is less than the cost of heating with wood without all the mess and work. Needless to say I am very happy with my system. At some point, I will need to add some way to heat hot water (we are still using the old oil boiler until the tank is empty)  and a small propane furnace to help the geothermal on the coldest days. I am thinking of and on demand hot water system but I would be interested in any suggestions that you might have.
Thanks for sticking with me after the sale. 

Testimonial by Jennifer M.

 My system works great.  This was my first house & I hadn't been in it a 
year when the AC busted.  I didn't have a lot of cash at my disposal and  I
appreciate how much you helped me save.


Testimonial by Mrs. Janet H
The unit arrived with lightening fast speed! Thanks so much.
Testimonial by Mrs. Jones
We ordered a heat pump from you back in August, and you shipped it all the way to Oregon! I just wanted to thank you for all your help. We jsut got our first month's electric bill with our new heat pump. It only went up by about thirty-five dollars. I'm very happy about that. Your company was easy to work with, and actually delivered like you said you would. Thanks again. Mrs. Jones
Testimonial by John and Betty
We recently were in desperate need for a new heat pump. Here in Eugene the prices were totally unreasonable.We found your company on the internet (which is out of our comfort zone)and purchased a heat pump from your people. Had it shipped to our home in Oregon. It arrived just as promised. We found your people very helpful with their advice.
We also ordered a thermostat from you as well. On several occasions we needed advice and called back. At some point got a gentleman named Ed, he seemed to have all the right answers we needed and want him to know how much his help was appreciated. Our unit has been up and running for several months now. We wanted to take the time to acknowledge the fact that you seen to have a great team working for you. 
Thanks for your team,
John & Betty
Testimonial by Mr. Appelbaum

I just ordered and took delivery of aHvac Direct heat pump from your company last week.  I have to complement you on the friendly and extremely fast service.  It was also by far the best price for this unit.

Testimonial by Tamara E.


Thank you so much for your very kind assistance with my order. It was received this past wednesday, and seems to be in excellent condition.

I am very pleased with Ingrams Water and Air and have actually referred 2 more customers to your website since my purchase. Your company's outstanding customer service is very much appreciated. Thank you again!


Tamara E.


Testimonial by Mr. Dellinger

Great Service

I recently purchased a  heat pump from you guys. It is my third transaction with your company in the same number of years. My first two installations went smoothly with no problems. However, my third unit had a glitch in the air handler when I powered it up.  A two minute phone conversation with you tech, Ed solved my problem.  Tell him thanks. Your service is excellent . Sincerely, Mr. Dellinger

Testimonial by Tobin

From Berryville, Arkansas

The purchase and delivery was flawless, equipment was perfect, first time, everything works, delivered on time, intact, for a great price.

Testimonial by Justin


Killer deals,very well knowledged staff.Fast and dead on Tech support.I couldn't be happier with my new heat pump.Ingrams is by far the the only place that I'll return to for any of my heating or cooling needs.Ingrams is an asset to my family and my home.

Testimonial by Hodkinson

I am a home inspector in Tennessee just south of Murray. I always talk to my customers and tell them about the great deal that I got through your company and how they too can go on line to upgrade the HV/AC system through you. Of course I do not know if any of my customers have taken my advice but I continue to tell them about you.

Testimonial by Derek

From Calera, Alabama

Keep up the Good work . The Economy Sux.. but you don't.

Testimonial by Jack


Testimonial by JHD
It is working beautifully..!
Thank You !  Thank You !  Thank You !!!!!
This absolutely is the slickest,  best,  and most efficient Water Source Heat Pump I have ever had.  The incredible thing is:  I replaced a 150,000 btu gas furnace and a central A/C unit;  Previously I let the fan run all the time.  The incredible thing is our electrical bill has not gone up at all – actually slightly less and the other bonus is – no propane gas bill…!  I have bills to prove it.
One happy customer (especially since my trouble / problem is solved)….!!!
Testimonial by Ralph M.

The folks at Ingrams Water and Air are the most knowledgeable and pleasant people one could ever deal with. The products are excellent, and the value for the dollar is superb. Needless to say the next time I need HVAC units or parts I will be calling Mr. Farrell.

Testimonial by Steve VW

I purchased an Hvac Direct furnace some time back (it arrived promptly) I just got it installed (finally) I am completely satisfied with the Ingram experience. The Hvac Direct DualSaver feature is great, the furnace runs on low most of the time with plenty of reserve for quick recovery when needed. In hind sight I could have downsized by about 20% but the two stage operation compensates beautifully. All in all, a good product, a great price, good service and support, and prompt delivery. Highly recommended! Steve VW

Testimonial by James

From Dover, PA

Purchase went 100% smoothly. Delivery was fast despite going from KY to PA. Equipment has been flawless and price could not be beaten. I HAVE already recommended you to others.

Testimonial by Gary Karna

I just wanted to say how nice the items were packaged and how quick the delivery was.  I haven't installed

yet, but will in a few days. You have a customer for life, with the way the sale and shipping went, you guys are great.  Thank you very much.

Testimonial by Mr. Scott
I just want to express my appreciation for your well run web site and the professional way my recent order for a geothermal heat pump was processed. When I had an installation question your man took the time to answer in detail which I greatly appreciated. Unfortunately I lost my note with his name on it. The heat pump arrived on time and I got it installed just in time for our recent stretch of cold and snowy weather.  We are now comfortably warm again. Thank you.


Testimonial by Cheney

About 2 years ago I purchased a Hvac Direct 4 ton heat pump split system.
This system has worked very well and I am happy with the system and your support.

Testimonial by Ron

Love the A/C!!!!!!!!! Great service and Fantastic Delivery with South Eastern Freight... Nice folks thank you very much!!! Ron

Testimonial by Tom Sawyer
Gotta tell ya!  This little machine (Mcquay geothermal heat pump)  is everything you advertised it as, but is more.  How so?  My contractor had never seen one of these.  They put it together, had a small electrical problem (no, not something your people would have expected) and your tech support was all over it.
The pump had  2000 sq ft at temp (72) from 97 degrees at 99 percent hum (to 60 percent). in less than 24 hours.  Quiet, smooth, the well pumps amaze everyone who sees them, had hot water (without the water heater running) in less than 24 hours.
We are talking to the kids.  They are spending 4 grand on propane and 3500 on electricity to heat and cool their house, you know, old folks don't know squat, and are not modern enough to provide council.  Guess what, I'll show them the power bill and let them figure it out for themselves.
People ask me "how long will it take to payback the investment?"  The answer?  I don't care, where else can you earn $150.00 a month on a $20,000 investment from a CD or saving account?
I am very happy I found you guys.  Shopping on the web is always a crap-shoot but you are a solid vendor.  Thank You.
Best Regards and we wish you good fortune,
Tom Sawyer
Testimonial by dan

Purchased heat pump system found out later it could not be installed in my mobile home. Informed Ingrams, they reversed the shipment and returned my money. Very good communication and service. Buy with Confidence. These people are on the level. Dan

Testimonial by Floyd

Item package received in good condition. Picked it up today (Friday). It will be installed within the next few days. Thanks, I am happy with you purchase from you. I am in the AC business and will purchase from you again, for sure. Great transaction.

Testimonial by Mr. Gates

It arrived on Tuesday last week (one day after I ordered it) and it was installed on Wednesday night.  It works great, is very quiet and I am very satisfied.  I have recommended your company to everyone I have spoken to about my new a/c.

Testimonial by Tom
hope this has been a successful year for Ingram. 
just a note to say that we purchased a geo system from you guys late last year (2009), it sat for quite a while since our contractor is not the fastest dog in the hunt. 
while I had done my research and knew what I wanted, you guys were an unknown quantity.  Particularly for doing a purchase like this sight unseen.
Here are the things I tell people about Ingram and the geo system:
so simple my contractor installed it (no experience) and raved about how easy it was and how complete the kit was. . .   he actually did a very clean and professional looking install (it is impressive and blows away people that know what they are looking at).
his kili-watt managed to miswire the thermostat - he called you guys for tech support - and wala - problem went away.  In fact, every time I call to ask a dumb, harry-homeowner question your people walk me through the answer - I value people who answer questions and also share knowledge as your folks do.
so here is the interesting stuff.  we have run this long enough to have a reasonable benchmark on performance.
where our neighbors routinely have power bills of $220 ours has yet to exceed $107.  our history is not yet deep enough to make a statement backed up by years of data, but damn, it's looking pretty good right now.
oh, did I forget to say that while this is going on the de-Super is making hot water?
so the bottom line is this:
The unit is first rate
Ingram sales is first rate
Ingram tech support is first rate
Ingram back-office is first rate (yes they worked out some exchange and shipping needs for us)
Would I do business with Ingram again?  Does a one-legged duck swim in a circle? oh, sorry I forgot.  For those challenged by humor . . .
Yes I would.
Regards and Best to All
Testimonial by Bill, New London, OH
“Thank you very much for all your help and answering my questions on the generator....You done a beautiful job of packaging and getting my generator to me. I hope your company has more employees like you. It is so nice not to have to talk to an answering service and to speak to someone who knows what is going on. I will gladly do more business with your company....Again thank you so much....Bill....New London, Ohio”
Testimonial by Mr. Crosair
A few important words- I upgraded my home hvac system. I am handy so I bought my system online and installed it myself. I did a great job and when I hired a pro to do the start up on the system he was impressed. It consisted of a furnace, a/c, humidifier, electronic air cleaner, uv purifier, and new return air ducts (rather than duct cleaning). When the tech started to work on the system ( from AC Direct) I found that the system was r-22 not the r-410 that I ordered. I called to discuss the problem and was told that the sku number shipped was r22 and it was a great price for that unit. I had paid extra for the r 410! Nothing could be done, “sorry”, other than return the unit that was now installed! 14 months later the uv bulb (with a 3 yr warrantee) burned out and I called the supplier , Wholesale AC  and was told to contact Hvac Direct that they sold units not parts. Hvac Direct gave me the name of suppliers in the area that sold Hvac Direct parts but none of those would sell to a homeowner only a contractor. I called Sanuvac the manufacturer of the bulb- they only sell to manufacturers.
        I surfed my way to Ingram’s and found what I was looking for a person who was there to help, and help he did. We emailed back and forth and James went way above and beyond. He first found the bulb ( I had spent a lot of time just to find the bulb) then he said he would contact Hvac Direct about the warrantee even though he did not sell the original equipment. I bought a bulb and thought that I would use the warrantee bulb as a backup if Hvac Direct did honor the warrantee.
         People forget that return customers are at least a valuable as cold calls if not moreso. I am president of my homeowners association and I am a woodwork installation supervisor . I will use those contacts to let people know where a/c products and service are available.
Thanks for being there,
Mr. Crosiar
Testimonial by Keith M.

I just received my split unit. I was very impressed with the packaging. Great stride taken to insure safe delivery. Thank you.
Installed everything great cooling.
I have had several people ask where I got the system at a great price. Of course I told them. Expect more customers.

Testimonial by Jerome G.

You sold me 2 tankless hot water heaters for my house. I have never had that much hot water in my home and you have cut my utility bill by $150.00. The cost to have them installed was less than my brother spent to have 1 50 gallon hot water heater installed in his house. Thanks for the advice, the great price, and the confidence I needed to make that decision.

Testimonial by Ralph
I have recently purchased my fourth Hvac Direct unit from Ingram Water and Air.  I purchased the first two units in 2007 for our home, a 2 and a 3 ton heat pump, split system.   In November 2009 I purchased a 3 1/2 ton heat pump, split system for my sister and a 3 ton package heat pump system for my mother and father. 
These Hvac Direct units have replaced the following units, Janitrol, Trane, and two York units.  I must say there is no comparison to the comfort level these units provide compared to the units they replaced.  After doing a little research and finding out Hvac Direct is the second largest manufacture of residential and light commercial  units in the United States and after lengthy discussions with MR. Farrell, I was convinced Hvac Direct would serve well in my applications.
When you look at Heat pump units it is evident many different brand units contain some of the same parts or parts made by the same manufacture.  For instance, with the compressor being the heart of the system we find most all units use a compressor manufactured by either Copeland or Bristol.  I firmly believe Hvac Direct is one of the best units on the market and their 10 year parts warranty proves it.
Regardless of what you pay for a unit I believe it all comes down to the people you deal with.  People that are willing to help before and after the sale, and people who are knowledgeable of the product they are selling.  I have had many conversations with Mr. Farrell and have found him to be just that, a wealth of knowledge and one of the most helpful people I have ever dealt with.  Mr. Farrell is an asset to Ingram Water and Air and would be to any company who deals with the public.
After 38 years I recently retired from a company not associated with HVAC.  However, for the past 40 plus years, when time would allow, I have enjoyed helping friends and neighbors with HVAC problems and currently hold a license in the HVAC field.  I believe that buying these four units from Ingram Water and Air and installing them myself has saved $10,000.00 plus.
The folks at Ingram Water And Air are the most knowledgeable and pleasant people one could ever deal with, the Hvac Direct product is excellent, and the value for the dollar is superb.  Needless to say the next time I need HVAC units or parts I will be calling Mr. Farrell.
Testimonial by Mr. Walker

Just a note to let you know that the Hvac Direct 5 ton condenser I ordered from you was delivered on time with no problems by Southeastern Freight Lines. Thank you for excellent service.

Testimonial by William C.
I highly recommend Ingram's. The service is prompt and personal and that's rare in this day and age of selct a number answering machines. Yep you heard me - real people who obviously care. You can't go wrong. Thanks Ingram's.
Testimonial by Bob
Installed a 4 ton geothermal kit from you and it works great! Talk about quiet! Wow! You can barely hear it run and its located right under our livingroom floor! Don't need to turn the TV volume up anymore when the heat comes on! My friend and I did the install and only needed someone to help with the trenching. Dug the trench, laid the pipe and buried it in one day! It was a big job but well worth the effort! Thanks guys!
Testimonial by Bob C.
Awesome Geothermal Kit!
Testimonial by Sanders

Wow!  Thanks guys.  I really do love doing business with you and you are and will be first for all future purchases and repairs.  You are a great company!

Testimonial by Orange

In the past 2 years, we have had 2 complete installation of duct work and unit, 2 new units purchased and one unit repaired. I was completely shocked at the difference of price that Ingram's could offer us compared to the other companies. We have been faithful ever since and are thankful for the amounts saved. One unit... went out in the high heat of the summer and it was delivered very promptly within days. One rental needed serviced and they were there in an hour. The first house that the duct work was completely installed and new unit, all other bidders told me it was impossible to do. Ingram's did exactly what I wanted and told me no problem! Very pleased.

Testimonial by Michele

In May 2010, we were planning a big family vacation. Just 2 weeks before we were to leave, our air conditioner went out. The a-coil had sprung a leak and had to be replaced. After calling several places (who won't be mentioned), that had prices way too high, we called Ingram's. They had just what we needed and could g...et it shipped to us in 2 days. Great!! We received the part on time but didn't open the box until the next day. When we checked the box, it was the wrong part. This was on a Thursday evening, one week before we were to leave. After many frantic calls (to home numbers), Ingram's re-order the part and shipped it to us at their cost. They also picked up and returned the wrong part also at their expense. The part came on the day we were to leave. It was installed and operating just hours before we left for our vacation. And just in time to keep us cool during a hot summer!

Testimonial by Thompson

I purchased this unit in Nov. 2010 from Ingram's Water and Air Equipment. I have since then installed the unit and ductwork. Ingram's Water and Air was VERY helpful throughout the w...hole process, all the way to hooking up my thermostat. Any time I got stuck in the project I could call and their service/support team would walk me through the steps. The unit itself is AWESOME. It works perfectly just as promised. I will always remember the help I received and will definitely come back to Ingram's Water and Air Equipment when I am in the market for some new equipment.

Testimonial by Roger
I purchased a complete system the end of April. It has taken me a while to finish the installation but I had a contractor come out today and do the final hook up, sweet system. It is installed the way I wanted it contrary to what to major AC companies wanted to do, mostly short cuts. I was told by two major companies that I did not need to replace the line set, old system R22!
You guys steered me straight, my independent contractor today was 100% in agreement, I made a good choice, I did not require assistance but it was good to know it was there. Thanks, you saved me money and I feel I have a quality product.
Testimonial by Fred Knowles

I purchased and installed a 4 Ton, 18 SEER Goodman split system, 95% AFUE heat, Variable speed Air ConditionerHeater. Everything went great including getting the questions I had answered by the Ingram Technician in a timely manor. In the past weeks in the 105 degree Texas temperatures the unit performed better than expected, by holding the temperature in our home at a cool 70 degrees without even straining. Thank you guys for being there when I needed you!

Testimonial by Stacy G.
SUPERB SERVICE! I ordered a Goodman Dry-R22 Split Air Conditioner System Outdoor Unit 13 SEER 3.5 TON on 08-29-11, and it was delivered incredibly fast on 08-31-11. It arrived in pristine condition thanks to exceptional boxing/crating as well as your firm's selection of an outstanding carrier - Con-Way Freight. This unit replaced a 37-year old Carrier unit which was finally in its death throes. The replacement took less than 2 hours and went smoothly and without any incident. It's now functioning optimally and pulling a 23 degree temp drop across the original A-coil. I'm thoroughly satisfied with not only the unit, but more importantly with the outstanding personal assistance and support of the staff at Ingram's as well as it's highly competitive pricing. I saved approximately $2,000 by this transaction - based on several quotes I received from other firms. As a result of this exceptional purchase I fully intend to purchase a similar unit from Ingram's to replace an elderly unit at the home of one of my family members. I've recommended Ingram's to many other friends & acquaintences and will continue to do so. My sincere thanks to the Ingram's staff for a very successful and pleasant transaction.
Testimonial by Mr. Schein
I want to personally thank you for taking the time to assist my operations officer Michelle who contacted you in reference to placing a new order. She had told me that you have gone beyond the call of duty to assure we get the right equipment, and the availability of the equipment. In the past I had problems with distributors not filling the responsibility from ordering to job site delivery, and I had to cancel all business with them. After what you did today with professional caring service we will have a long and profitable future with Ingram's Air and Water. You have the best prices on complete split systems you even beat the local HVAC distributors  in the Denver metro Area (311 miles away) Again thank you very much.
Testimonial by Thomas

I asked for the best/ reliable Geo unit and they sent me the Tranquility 27, I really like the variable settings, two stage, four fan speeds, two HWG settings , you can tune it for your application, if I had to do it over, I would of hired out the trenching,( I spent 80 in diesel and 75 hours on my Kubota, the equipment installation was the easy part, I called and emailed Ingrams for clarification during the install and they were very responsive and helpful, from Aug to November 15th it's made little to no difference in my electric and we're not burning the wood stove and 3 grand of propane like usual. I did not install electric back up, instead I insulated, sealed the house and oversized the ground loop in a swampy area with sand, I had planned on using my wood stove if it could'nt keep up in January but so far it looks like it can handle anything Portland Oregon can dish out . I found that it works better to slow the water and air down, keeping it at a constant temperture day and night, that way it never goes to second stage and runs longer to keep your water hot, costs about $1.25 a day so far in November in our 3200 SQ house.

Testimonial by Hunter

I placed an order last July, #****, for a Goodman R410 HVAC furnace AC combination. The gear is installed and works great, I am really happy about it, and I am really happy about the service and price that I got from Ingram's. I intend to place all my orders with Ingram's in the future.

Testimonial by Marv
Thank you for all of your help and advice. It is a pleasure to do business with friendly people. I will recommend your company to any of our friends who are in the market for heating A/C equipment.
Testimonial by Tim

Thanks so much for all of you help!

Would you believe that it was already delivered today!?! I cant believe it. I just ordered it yesterday. I cant wait to get it hooked up!

Thanks again!

Testimonial by Sabik

I just got the GREE installed yesterday.  So far it looks really good.  I am still learning how to use it, but I want to thank you so much for helping me.
My HVAC person was impressed -- I hope he buys from you.

Testimonial by kenneth p.
Thank you for all of your help and advice. It is a pleasure to do business with friendly people. I will recommend your company to any of our friends who are in the market for heating A/C equipment.got my new system in and couldn't ask for anything better. thanks for every thing.
Testimonial by Aruk

Jason – Thank you again for the excellent support with my new a/c unit.

Testimonial by Paul Williams

Goodman Heat R22 Replacement Heat Pump. First to let you know I am a Licensed AC Mechanic but work on more Chillers than Home Units. (there is a Difference) My Attic Mounted AHU will one day down the road need to be replaced. But for now it is in good solid shape with a regular cleaning. My compressor Pins blew out of my old outside unit and I was left with no Heat or Cooling here in Florida. Thanks to Ingrams I was back in Service in record time. They Even sent the proper Metering device (had I needed one) My unit had a TXV already installed.

Testimonial by Mr. Hornbuckle
Your company was wonderful to do business with. The deliver was good. We have the unit installed and it runs good.
thanks for the service.
Testimonial by Phil
Testimonial by Paris
Great company. Excellent customer service. I had alot of questions and they helped with with each one of them. wonderful company to work with. Thanks alot!!
Testimonial by Iglesia Cristiana Casa De Oracion
Muchas Gracias

Testimonial by Christian C
I wanted my experience to be on the wall of appreciation. In my opinion, it is not when things go perfect when the true character of a person or business is shown, but when there are challenges. My wife and I were doing a remodel of the home we purchased for my daughter to attend college in. 4 young ladies were set to move in this weekend, in the middle of an Alabama summer with no A/C. I spoke with Jacob and placed an order with him for a quad zone ductless A/C system. By the time the order had made it to the warehouse, all of those units were sold out. This was on Tuesday. By Wednesday afternoon, Jacob had jumped through flaming hoops for me and lined up a better unit, with a better warranty, for the same price. It shipped on Thursday and we received on Friday. By 9:30 on Sunday night, the girls were turning the A/C down because they were too cold. Thank you Jacob, and thank you Ingrams!
Testimonial by Steve L. (Minnesota)

You Guys are Awsome!! Ray You Rock.... Called late monday night (5:27pm CT) and ordered Furnace and Central AC. Explained I would like to have by Friday evening to take to our 2nd home 150 miles away and have it installed Saturday. Ray said he would do his best to make it happen and GaZAM it arrived today (Thursday 4pm CT) You guys also picked the right Trucking company to get the job done (CONWAY FREIGHT) They were super, they called me on Wednesday and told me my shipment would arrive Thursday around 3pm CT and that driver would call me when he was 1/2 hour away. Keep up the Great Work and God Bless America and all of you at Ingrams Water and Air!!!

Testimonial by Steve L. (Minnesota)
You guys are Awsome!! Ray you ROCK.... Called and ordered Furnace and Central AC Late Monday (5:27pm CT) and explained I needed it by Friday to take to 2nd home 150 miles away. Ray said he would do his best to make it happen and GaZam I recevied it today (Thursday @ 4pm) Thanks to all of you at Ingrams I will be having it installed this weekend. I would also like to tell you picked the right trucking company to get the job done. "CONWAY Freight" was super!!! They called me Wednesday and told me I would have shipment on Thursday and Driver would call me when he was 1/2 hour away. Keep up the good work and "GOD BLESS AMERICA"
Testimonial by Bill
I don’t buy a lot of AC units, but I wouldn’t buy one from ANYONE else!!  You guys are the best!!  Happy holiday!!
Testimonial by John
I would like to thank you so much all of you from Erin, Jacob, and Darren Gordon for over the top customer service, this was a project I thought would be easily done. Oh, I,ll just order a heat pump over the Internet like a shirt. Thank you for holding my hand through the process. Mr Gordon don't know how you do it but it happens when you want it to thanks again to everyone at ingrams
Testimonial by Shelley B. from Ohio

Ingram's is a great company to do business with. I had lots (I mean LOTS) of questions. They provided excellent support for me, helping me determine the size of geo I needed, and so much other help. Delivery, everything, was simple and efficient. I chose to have a regular geo furnace company install it for me, yet still saved money. Would buy from Ingram's again in a heartbeat, and will recommend Ingram's to friends and anybody I know who is buying a furnace. Thanks guys for everything!

Testimonial by Danna Olsen

Our contractor had been searching for the best buy on heat pumps and he found Ingrams Water & Air. He told us they were the best buy he could find. He had already purchased one for a home. So, we bought a 16 seer Goodman 3.5 ton split system for our rental that my daughter and son in law live in. Loved it and posted it in my video. Then, my son in law's mom bought one for her house, and for her other son's house and our contractor and his HVAC friend installed them. This past July we purchased two more for our beach house and beach cabin so that we could get rid of forced air electric heat and baseboard heat. We needed something that would keep air moving in the winter when we aren't there because everything gets musty smelling. We already installed one of them and absolutely love it. We really needed the air conditioning in the manufactured home. We bought the Goodman 3 ton 2 stage 16 seer system. We had to actually take out a wall and move it because the Coleman furnace that was in the manufactured home was not as wide or tall. Hope it was ok to use the Goodman in our 1800 square foot home. The HVAC guy, Ray, didn't say it wasn't so we went with it for efficiency. The other Nordyne 16 seer, 2 ton unit is being installed this week. Can't wait.

Testimonial by Melissa

We are regular consumers who needed to find an affordable furnace. We used Ingram's, and couldn't be happier! We bought a "Scratch and Dent" 95% Efficient Rheem Two-stage furnace from your Specials department. The furnace got to us in three days, and my husband got it installed the next day with no problems. We tested it, and it works great! Even though it was a "Scratch and Dent", the furnace was in excellent condition with only one small dent. Our salesman, Derek, was wonderful to work with, and our entire experience with Ingram's was very positive. Here's a picture of our DIY install.

Testimonial by Scott H

Ordered a PTAC over the phone to replace a 20 yr old unit at my church. Josh was polite, helpful, and answered all my questions. Email follow-up communication was very good. The delivery service (AAA Cooper, in my case) called ahead to arrange a delivery window and was there right on time. The unit was delivered in less than a week. It's running great now and hopefully will continue to run great for many years. Thanks Ingram's.

Testimonial by Melissa S

We bought a "scratch and dent" from the Specials section. We were able to get a Rheem 95% efficient, two-stage furnace that we could actually afford. We worked with Derek, and he was awesome. The furnace got here in just four days. My husband got it installed, and we tested it yesterday. Works so great, we can hardly wait for winter!! We highly recommend Ingram's! Here's a picture of our DIY install.

Testimonial by Kenith Miller
I have been completely satisfied with my purchase from Ingrams Water & Air. Will be back in the future for all of my AC needs.

Kenith M IngramsWaterAir Testimonial
Testimonial by Leroy Ambrose
We are glad that I found Ingrams, they are a top notch, customer first throw back. I bounced a lot of questions off of Jerry W.He was extremely informative and went out of his way to help me make the right decisions. I would also like to give the customer service team their propers. The Ingram team is beyond excellent.Don't worry they won't let you down. A+
Testimonial by Steven Schafer- Lorry Faber
We were a little nervous to order such a big dollar item on line from a company we never heard of. They said it could take 5 weeks but it only took 2 and they delivered it on a lift truck right to our garage. Our new 4 ton Payne system installed but atleast 50% less money than the best local quote. We have a 4 ton ac and 100,000 heater and coil installed for under 3000 with state rebates and federal tax credit. Our local quotes ran from 5500 for a 3.5 ton to over 12,000. We are sold on Ingrams. ( i made a quick video so you can see the unit.)

Our Ingrams Experience (very good)
Testimonial by Steven Schafer- Lorry Faber
We were a little nervous to order such a big dollar item on line from a company we never heard of. They said it could take 5 weeks but it only took 2 and they delivered it on a lift truck right to our garage. Our new 4 ton Payne system installed but atleast 50% less money than the best local quote. We have a 4 ton ac and 100,000 heater and coil installed for under 3000 with state rebates and federal tax credit. Our local quotes ran from 5500 for a 3.5 ton to over 12,000. We are sold on Ingrams. ( i made a quick video so you can see the unit.)

Our Ingrams Experience (very good)
Testimonial by Herschell Cooley
Very happy with my Goodman 3 ton heat and air unit I purchased recently from Ingram's. Would recommend this company to anyone in need of their services. Very reasonably priced and also helpful with making the right choice for me. Here's a pic of my installed product!
Testimonial by Keith B
After working with Jerry and John to calculate the correct size replacement HVACs, I ordered two Goodman 16-SEER Variable-stage heat/air packaged roof-top units. 3.0 and 3.5 Tons. A bit of a snafu on the delivery carrier's part, but Judy was great in getting me compensation for the cosmetic damage to the units and damage to driveway caused by the carrier. Made it all the way across the country okay though before the unfortunate "oops" moment. The new units perform so much better than the 30-year old monsters replaced. Quieter & quicker to heat and cool. Doesn't sound like dollars flying out of my wallet like the old ones. Can't wait to see how they handle the triple-digit heat here in Las Vegas. Have already recommended IngramsWaterandAir to several of my friends and coworkers when looking to replace their HVACs and recommended them for tankless water heater, too. Great, personable customer service and significant savings. Kudos to Judy and Jerry, especially. Thanks, Ingrams!!
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