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About our Affiliate Program
Our affiliate program is a one-tier program. With one-tier programs, you recommend our products to your customers, visitors, and subscribers, and earn a commission for each sale.

You can also recommend the affiliate program to your customers, visitors, and subscribers. You will earn $5 instanly for each person who signs up for the program through your referral. However, you will not earn any additional commission on their sales.

Commission Structure

1st Tier

- Earn 3% per every sale $$$$ dollar amount. Example: average Ingramswaterandair.com sale receipt total is $2,200.00 (total) x .03 (affiliate commission) = $66.00

- Shipping cost is deducted from total sale value (no commission earned on shipping cost). Ingramswaterandair.com calculates approximate freight cost, no handling fee is applied.

Why are we willing to pay such high commissions?
-Because we recognize the lifetime value of each new customer that one of our affiliates refers to us.

Site Conversion
-We continually strive to increase our site conversion. Ingramswaterandair.com is turning a reasonable number of visitors into customers. We gladly accept any recommendations from you for improving our site.

Our affiliate program uses (Cookie tracking)

-Cookie tracking ensures credit for each and every sale you refer.

- This also ensures you will be credited for the sales of people who don't buy the first time they visit, but come back later to make a purchase. Example: one of your referrals may purchase three hours or three months after their initial visit.

-Our affiliate program uses reliable, automated affiliate tracking software to ensure that you get credit for each customer you refer to www.Ingramswaterandair.com.

-Cookie tracking, also ensures you are being credited for all offline affiliate sales, including online orders, mail orders, fax orders, phone orders, and the orders of customers who come back weeks or even months later.

Real-time sales statistics
-You will receive a unique username and password for up-to-the-minute access to reports with your own sales information.

Real-time statistics allow you to see how well your promotions are doing. You can see…

• How many visitors have clicked through from your site to Ingramswaterandair.com
• How many of those visitors made a purchase
• How many affiliates you have referred for the program
• Your sales totals for the month and previous months

… plus a whole lot more!

With real-time statistics, you will know exactly how effective your promotions are.

For example, after running a banner on your "Resources" page for a month, you might find that it isn't performing very well. With access to real-time statistics, you can try moving the banner to the top of your homepage, then check in regularly to see how much your sales (and commissions) improve!

This knowledge can help you choose which banners and text links to use and decide where to place them, based on what you learn from your real-time sales statistics. You’ll have the exact information needed to quickly and easily explode your affiliate sales by focusing on the tricks and techniques that work!

Tools provided to maximize your sales
-traffic-generating banners
-text links
-recommended letter templates

Commission Check
-Commission checks are paid out monthly
-minimum $20.00 must be reached before commission checks are sent

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